Pool Tiling Sydney

Are you after a pool tiler in Sydney to install new pool tiles and hide that unsightly scum line or repair broken tiles? We are here to help!

Pool tiles can instantly transform your pool from looking like an old and dated swimming hole into a dream resort-style oasis! Whether you’re interested in installing new, bright and colourful tiles or repairing broken ones, we make it easy.

Whether you’re installing a new pool, renovating, just updating old tiles, or adding watrline tiles we’ll work with your budget and schedule to ensure that the results meet your expectations.

Pool Tiling Services

We specialise in creating beautiful, unique swimming pools and supply and install all types of tiles or render your swimming pool to perfection!

Our pool tiling Sydney service has been operating in Australia for many years and is the proud provider of a wide range of pool bricks.

We can restore, waterproof, supply or install, and offer first-class service to customers who want their swimming pool paved with glass mosaic and natural stone.

Together with our professional team, we can provide you with

    1. Pool rendering before tiling
    2. Waterline tiling
    3. Pool coping
    4. Tile repairs

Can My Pool Be Tiled?

If you have concrete or an old cement slab in the ground, it’s possible to tile your pool.

Tiles along the waterline protect against dirt from entering your pool while also giving it plenty of visual appeal with various designs and colours available.

You can also get your swimming pool fully covered with tiles on the inside for a more aesthetic and creatively stunning effect.

How Much Does It Cost to Tile a Pool in Sydney?

Prices can vary in a great range depending on the type and scope of your project.

The shape, style and size of the pool will have an impact on its final price.

Other factors that might effect pool tiling cost in Sydney are:

  1. materials used (ceramic tiles vs. mosaics),
  2. size of your pool
  3. location of installation (is this going to be inside or outside?),
  4. extras like swim lanes, fountains etc.,
  5. any additional equipment required, such as sprinklers and filters, which varies depending on the type

All these things can push the costs up and down!

Pool Tiling Process

We work with you on designing and picking out tiles for your project so that everything is just right when it comes to the final installation.

First of all, we’ll prepare the surface by stripping away any old tiles or vinyl and waterproof providing a safe environment without leaks.

With final preparations done, all there’s left is laying down those beautiful new tiles to give your masterpiece the last dash.

Does a Pool Need Tiles around the Top?

With natural elements like dirt and sand, your swimming pool is a breeding ground for bacteria. When water from the pool evaporates in high temperatures, it leaves behind stains which is quite challenging to clean.

Waterline Tiles create an impermeable barrier around the edge of pools and on the inside, so you won’t have to worry about these problems!

These hardy, long-lasting beauties will stand firm for years and never fade or peel.

How Long Do Pool Tiles Last?

Pool tiles are known for lasting over 30 years! We know that the cost of swimming pool tiles installation is an investment you won’t regret, as they last an eternity.

We’ve done numerous pool renovations across Sydney, so our experience tells us not only that they do work well, but last too – at least with us around!

Can My Pool Tiles Be Repaired?

Even though it doesn’t happen very often that someone asks us to repair their tiles, we also offer services to fix the cracks or scrape off some of the old tiles.

It’s always tempting for homeowners because it looks like a quick-fix solution that only involves repairs instead of total renovation.

But what they don’t know is that this can sometimes signify more serious problems lurking beneath their feet.

If you need help fixing up your cracked flooring or want some tips on keeping it looking brand-new, then call us up, and we’ll happily have a look at the problem.

Can I Tile My Entire Pool?

Yes, making sure that every inch of your backyard’s sanctuary is beautiful means investing time and money into fully tiling the whole area. Our certified professionals for years down the line know how important each tile placement has on its appearance.

There are plenty of reasons why investing in our pool tiling in Sydney pays itself over time. From pure enjoyment, while taking a dip at any age, all year round, without worrying about anything that could ruin your beautifully peaceful dream resort-style oasis.