Pool Removal Sydney

Would you like more backyard space? Get rid of that old swimming pool!

In fact, a significant number of Australians are doing that now. It’s been years since the family has used the pool, and the kids are all grown up and no longer live at home. In addition, maintaining your pool costs more than it’s worth.

There is nothing like a beautiful backyard, and whether you want to restore that grass or lay the foundation for a brand new entertainment area, we can do it for you. Our professionals handle the job regardless of the pool’s shape and size without causing any damage to the property.

  • Same day pool removals is available.
  • No damage to the surroundings.
  • Removal of pools by certified technicians.
  • Work completed upon ground settlement is covered by a 10-year warranty.
  • Report on pool inspection services completed.
  • Post pool removal services

We can close up any swimming pool, whether it is a NSW Government-registered pool or one which is not.

Choosing Sydney Pool Removal & Demolition Experts is one decision you will not regret. We offer free quotes for the removal of unwanted pools. 

Pool Demolition & Removal Types

Concrete pools

Having our fully-trained pool technicians remove your pool leaves you with a beautifully turfed yard and the memory of a wonderful time spent in the pool

Above-ground and below-ground pools

We are a company that is known for specializing in both above ground pools as well as below ground pools of any size and type.

Fibreglass Pool Removal

By removing your fiberglass swimming pool, you can utilize this unused area. You’ll get a wonderfully landscaped backyard after our pool demolition experts tear out your pool.

Spa Removal

Whether it’s outdated or simply unneeded, you don’t have to keep your old hot tubs and spas twisted around. Defensible surfaces such as sharp edges and corners, as well as their bluff size, constitute a risk for your family and property, and should be avoided.

Turf Laying

Turf Laying contractors in Sydney will transform your backyard and front yard into an amazing siight. Install your favorite Turf and live in a green environment.

Pool Removal Cost Sydney

Many factors affect the price of pool removal, including:

  • Pool layout (above-ground or inground)
  • Dimensions of the pool
  • Pool area accessibility
  • Pool removal method
  • Your contractor

Inground pools usually cost between $3,000 and $9,000 to remove if they are a medium size pool with relatively ease of access. Depending on the size of the pool, the deck size, and the site access, costs can rise above $10,000.

The price to remove an above-ground pool varies greatly — just like the price to remove an in-ground pool — from $2000 to $6,000. 

How It works

Step # 1: Fill out the service request form

Step # 2: We help you connect with a qualified technician

Step # 3: You’ll hear from a technician shortly

Step # 4: Relax in the backyard once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fill a pool without a permit?

Local governments determine if permits are needed, but they are often required. Depending on your local council, permit costs may range from free to several hundred dollars.

There are often rules concerning how a pool has to be removed by a local council. Frequently, zoning legislation and codes state that a swimming pool must be completely removed, and not just filled in. It may be required that specific protocols be followed on how to fill the pool if a pool is to be partially demolished and removed

An owner, with the council’s approval, must take this step.

Can I make use of the yard after removing the pool?

The Internet is filled with various ideas that you can use. Various types of outdoor spaces can be built, such as grass, an outside kitchen, a pond for wildlife, a fire pit garden, a patio outdoors living area, a water-wise garden, a food-producing farm, and a practical deck.

This usually depends on how creative you are, how innovative you are, and what exactly you want to consider after that unwanted pool has been removed from your background.

How does it affect the value of a house if the pool is removed?

Pool removal can offer some benefits, including lower liability, higher home appeal, and potentially rising property value.

When done correctly, removing the pool can increase the value of your house by almost $10,000.

Consider getting rid of the pool without overthinking it. Whether you are marketing your house or trying to sell it, many homeowners desire to remove their unused swimming pools.

Does removing a pool take a long time?

It takes between 2 and 5 days to remove an inground or above ground pool.

The pool removal process takes 3 days or more from start to finish, but city inspections may add a few days to the process.

Do I have the option to remove the pool myself?

In most cases, DIY pool removal isn’t recommended unless you’re removing an above-ground pool. Taking down an above-ground pool is as simple as draining it, taking down the pool, and hauling it away for disposal.