Pool Repairs Sydney

Make summer fun for your family by not letting a leaking pool ruin it.

A leaking pool, inefficient heating, or a faulty pump can all be repaired by our swimming pool repair specialists quickly, efficiently, and for a lot less money than you initially expected. Sydney homeowners can count on us for a wide range of swimming pool repairs.

We provide swimming pool repair services for anything that may be keeping you from enjoying your pool, including:

  •   Pool resurfacing
  •   Detecting and repairing pool leaks
  •   Pool heater repairs
  •   Fixing pool pumps
  •   Pool plumbing services

Providing our services throughout Sydney and nearby areas of NSW, our company specializes in inground concrete pools and spa pools.

Pool Leak Detection

Detecting leaks in pools, spas, and water features.

Advanced pool leak detection technology is used to determine if a pool, spa, or water feature is leaking. With our leak detection and repair service, we are able to locate and fix any leak, whether it is in concrete, fiberglass, or a vinyl liner.

During this process, pool filtration lines is tested along with an examination of the filtration system. Furthermore, structural testing can be conducted to identify leaking underwater structures caused by any cracks in the shell and the hydro valve, lights, or penetrations.

Repairs are completed the same day for minor damages, and with larger repairs, an estimate is provided for a prompt repair, after which the work is initiated.

Pool Heater Repairs and Installation

The best investment you can make for your home is swimming pool heating. You can extend the swimming season and increase the value of your property. A well maintained heated pool allows you to swim at any time without worrying about freezing cold water. 

We supply, install and repair solar, gas and pump heating systems in Sydney. Our pool heating team covers all of Sydney and most of the surrounding regions. We offer free no obligation quote after visiting the property.  

Pool Pump Repairs

Does debris float in your pool? Are your tiles displaying black spots? Your pool pumps may not be as efficient as they should be. Regardless of whether they can be signs of bigger problems, such as pool filter problems or low chlorine levels, the pump plays an important part in keeping your swimming pool clean.

Maintaining the efficiency of your pool pump is crucial. You must ensure your pool is safe and hygienic so that family and friends can enjoy it. We guarantee affordable pool pump repairs carried out by our friendly team.  

Pool Plumbers

You must have the plumbing installed correctly when building your own swimming pool. The fitting of pipes correctly is very important in order to avoid future complications. Filtration system pressure fluctuations are likely to be the result of leaks or unwanted air. 

Our pool pump, equipment, and plumbing installations are professional and low-maintenance. Don’t let your pool or equipment break down due to improper care. Do it right, and you’ll minimise maintenance costs for years to come.

Pools Renovations Sydney has been repairing Sydney pools for over 50 years. Due to our professional service, expert advice, and quality solutions, we’ve developed a reputation for being one of Sydney’s best pool repair companies.

Get a free quote and friendly service from Pool Renovations Sydney today for all your swimming pool repair needs.