Pool Renovations Sydney

Turn your dated swimming pool into an Outdoor Oasis!

Swimming Pool Restoration

Sick of swimming in an old, dull swamp? Don’t suffer in silence! Contact the best pool renovator Sydney

Pool Resurfacing Sydney

Pool Resurfacing

Breathe a new life into your pool with our pool resurfacing solution. Choose from pebble, tile, fibreglass, epoxy paint, and host of other options to suit your budget, style and requirements. Enhance your swimming pool way beyond its original state to prevent leaks and for easy maintanence.

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Pool Tiling & Paving

Add longevity and a premium look to your pool with our range of tiling solutions. We specialise in  fully tiled swimming pools, glass mosaic and natural stone tiling with an end-to-end service including rendering, waterproofing, glass mosaic supply and installation.

Pool Repairs Sydney
Pool Repairs

A full suite of pool plumbing services including leak detection, inefficient heating, and faulty pump repairs to get your family back in the pool quickly. We repair all kinds of pools such as concrete, fibreglass, in-ground or above ground. 

Pool Repairs Sydney


Transform your backyard pool into a private paradise by upgrading its surrounds. From refreshing the deck, adding in waterfalls, to changing the shape of your pool we offer high-quality hardscaping and pool finishing features to convert your dull pool into a serene retreat.

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Pool Lighting

Give your pool a great vibe througout the night. Switch from old-school incandescent lights to enegry-efficient solar lamps or LED bulbs. We supply and install a range of high-quality lights.  

Pool Repairs Sydney

Pool Painting

Pool painting service to maintain your pool’s elegance, cleanliness and increase its life expectancy. We use epoxy paint which is high resistance to chalking, salt-water and chlorinated chemicals.

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Pool Remodeling Process


It starts with a site inspection from one of our experienced pool renovation specialist in Sydney. They will quickly  survey your swimming pool, ask a few questions to understand your vision,  renovation goals, and budget.

Free Quote

Our expert will show you a range of concrete and fibreglass pool designs to choose from followed by a detailed, no-obligation and fixed quote inclusive of all labor and materials. 


Upon quote acceptance our pool renovations team arrives to start from scratch and according to the plan provided. 


How much does a pool remodel cost?

Pool renovation cost in Sydney varies from job to job and could range from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the below factors……

  • size of your pool
  • what type of pool it is? (Concrete, fibreglass, inground, or above ground)
  • Does it only need cosmetic work?
  • Do you need to replace equipment like pump, filteration, tiling etc?
  • Do you want a complete makeover including new shape, pool pavers, landscaping and other features?

There are too many factors involved and unfortunately it is not possible to pre-determine cost without surveying your pool 

Reach out to our team with your needs and we will come back with a free quote.


How much does it cost to resurface a concrete pool?

Concrete pool resurfacing cost is somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 in Sydney. However, the exact cost depends on couple of different factors like…

  • Condition of the pool surface itself. How much work is needed to prepare the surface to accept the new finish? More work means more time, hence more money.
  •  Type of interior finish material you select is also going to affect the ultimate cost of the pool makeover. Options include pebble, tile and painting.

Contact our pool expert today and get a free quote

What pool upgrades are worth the money?

The only “must have” is a working swimming pool. Everything else depends on your wants and varies from person to person.

How long does it take to renovate a pool?

Under normal conditions you can expect a renovation to be completed in a few weeks. More complex renovations can take a month or two, taking into account tiling, plastering, concreting, decking, plumbing and the purchasing of new equipment.