Pool Painting Sydney

There are few pool painters in NSW with more experience. In Sydney and across regional NSW, we have successfully undertaken thousands of pool renovations

Painting is an inexpensive way to transform your swimming pool. Painting swimming pools is a specialty of ours, both for commercial and domestic pools across Sydney. If you have a swimming pool, regardless of its condition, we will prep the old surface and refinish the space according to your budgetary constraints. 

Whether it’s a commercial or residential swimming pool, small or large, we can restore beauty and pleasure to a tired, damaged pool. 

How does our pool painting service work?

  • Quotes on the same day.
  • High-quality epoxy and chlorinated rubber pool paints 
  • Long-term results.
  • Professional paint finish.
  • Thourough site clean up and the waste management.
  • In addition to pool painting, we provide pool tiling, repairs, and resurfacing

Throughout Sydney, we have restored old swimming pools to their former glory.  

Products for painting swimming pools

You should start by selecting the right type of pool paint. Since every pool is unique, the paint should be chosen accordingly. Epoxy, acrylic, and chlorinated rubber are the three types of paint used for pools. Here are the different paint options you have. 

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Approximately 6 to 8 years is the longest lifespan for epoxy pool paint. Since it is the thickest product available, it helps smooth rough surfaces, fill in hairline cracks, and fill any little pots that initially appear. Fiberglass pools, saltwater pools, and spas can only be painted with this paint.  

Many homeowners choose this option because there are many colors to choose from, and it requires little maintenance.  When mixing/preparing paint for Epoxy, there is a lot more work involved, and curing can take up to seven days. Because of this, the cost of the paint products is typically higher. 

Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint

Since acrylic paints are water-based, mixing and applying them is exceptionally simple. The curing time is the shortest, and the price is the cheapest of all the paints. This paint can be applied to surfaces that are wet without being affected by moisture, and thus, it is suitable for locations that are high in humidity or rain. Your pool can be painted over with this product, with a variety of colors available. 

Pool painting products that use acrylic paint have the shortest life expectancy at 2-3 years, and they don’t solve rough surfaces well. It is not recommended for fiberglass, saltwater, or spa pools to use acrylic paint.  

Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint

It was once preferred to use chlorinated rubber pool paint when painting pools since one part of paint does not require mixing. It would well fit within a medium budget, as it is less expensive than epoxy and more expensive than acrylic. This is the best option for people looking to apply rubber paint to their pool easily and who have pre-existing rubber paint. 

The downside to this product is the need for full drying prior to application, curing takes seven days, and heavy fumes are generated. Fiberglass pools, saltwater pools, and spas should not be painted with acrylic paint.  

Pool Painting Cost Sydney*

The cost to paint your pool depends on factors such as the size of your pool, the quality of the paint, and whether or not you hire a professional. 

Painting a pool can be a costly endeavour, just like any other painting job. When a pool painting professional inspects a swimming pool and calculates your quote, they will consider the following factors:

  • Subsoil moisture may require additional preparation
  • Poor access and potholes
  • Costs associated with repairs to a pool or the application of a primer to concrete
  • If you use only one colour, you will save money
  • Paint can also be used for other areas such as the pool coping, bathroom, spa, or sauna rooms

Pool maintenance and other services may not be included in all pool painting estimates, so remember to check when you request your estimate whether these services are available. 

How long does it take to paint a pool? 

The average time period necessary to paint a pool is 3-7 days (including curing), dependent on the paint product you choose. It may take longer for DIY painters, as professional’s experience usually allows them to carry out the task quicker.  

When is the best time of year to paint a pool?

Typically, any time of year is suitable in the warm Australian climate, however avoid painting during the rainy season if possible. You will need five to nine days of weather in a row to carry out the task successfully.